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Welcome to Kiberg


We are a small company offering you a great adventure in the North, for a few days, a week or more.


With Cape East Arctic Adventure you can order a holiday with us in Kiberg whenever you want, depending on what you want to see or what you want to experience.

You can stay in the house just for the sake of relaxation, where you can feel the silence and the peaceful atmosphere from the surrounding nature. You will absolutely hear the nature sing with the wind and the waves dancing just outside the door.

For you who want to be more active, you can do kiting on the waves, you can dive in the sea and catch King Crabs.

A lot of birdwatchers come here to witness thousands of birds on the island of Hornøya, 10 minutes from Vardø, in Kiberg harbour or other places i the area.

There are a lot of eagles, falcons and owls to watch. You can see reindeer on land and whales and seals in the sea..

You can do bicycling and hiking and enjoy the Varangerhalvøya National Park.

Kiberg is also a paradise for fishing. You can catch salmon in the river, trout and char in the lakes, and cod, pollack, haddock and halibut in the sea.

When your are fishing, you might get a visit from whales.


We welcome you to experience something you hopefully never will forget.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Paradise for fishermen


It is a lot of posibilities for those who loves to fish. You can fish in the lakes, several rivers or in the sea.

There is several lakes in the area, and a lot of them is within short way from the mainroad. Other lakes you can reach by hiking a quarter or an hour. You can get char and trout in the lakes.


You can get salmon in several rivers in the area:

Sandefjord river, nearby Hamningberg.

Persfjord river between Kiberg and Hamningberg.

Komagvær river 20 km from Kiberg.

Skallelv, 30 km from Kiberg.

Vestre Jakobselv, nearby Vadsø.

Bergebyelva in Nesseby county.

Vesterelv, nearby Varangerbotn. Tanaelva, 150 km from Kiberg.


It is also a lot of small river where you can fish troat and other fish.

In Persfjord, between Kiberg and Hamningberg, you can stay on the bridge and witness the salmon go up the river with the high tide and back to the sea with the low tide.



You can rent a boat for few ours and go fishing in the sea. It is about 15 minutes to go by boat to places, where you amongst other fishes, can find cod, pollack, haddock and halibut.

You can fish with fishing rod, or with the profesional fishing equipment.


in Varanger


Varanger i s the best destinations for birdwatchers. Take a look on the hiding place Biotope architects made for birdwatchers.

Hornøya outside Vardø is "a fantasy place" for birdwatchers, a place where you can walk among the birds.


You can access Hornøya by boat from Vardø. The price is 400 NOK.


Hornøya in mars




Ekkerøy - nesting cliff


Special places for birdwatchers


Steller Eiders


See a birdwatcher i action i Kiberg harbour.



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