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Make your holiday active in Arctic

Experience the beauty of the magic and fantastic landscape of the arctic nature around Kiberg and its nearby villages.


This is what you can experience

on your active holiday with us

in the arctic:





King Crab catch

Fishing in lakes

Fishing in rivers

Icefishing (wintertime)

Tours with snowmobile 

Bathing in the Barents sea.

Midnightsun (summer) and

Aurora Borealis (wintertime).

Sightseeing in the Arctic area, as far East as Istanbul, at 31 degrees East and 70 degrees North, the port to the North-East passage.

Hiking to historic places in a very special nature in Varanger National Park.

Hiking at Kibergneset and Fort Kiberg. You are hiking among war memories and in a fantastic nature, as far east as Istanbul. 

Visit the Witch Memorial in Vardø and learn about the history of the witchprosesses that took place in the East Finnmark and in Europe in the 1600s.

Visit the Pomor Museum and see how the Norwegian and Russian people did business and lived together in Kiberg and Vardø from 1600.

Visit the Partisan-museum and take part in the Norwegian Partisans, trained in Sovjet Union and operating in Finnmark during the Second World War.

Visit the bird island, Hornøya, where go can walk among the birds and take close photo with your smartphone.

Kibergneset is Cape East, you cannot get further East on the mainland of Norway. From here you can see Russia across the Varangerfiord.

Sami culture in Varanger.

Try the unique adventure crossing Varanger Peninsula in one day, two days or three days. We help you plan your trip, or arrange a few days trip for you. (PS! It is a lot of large, older reindeer hunting grounds in the Varanger Peninsula)

We adjust your trip to your special interests and wishes, and will try to make your stay as climate-friendly as possible.

You can come by yourself or in small groups.

NEW: You can also work in exchange for free stay. How much work, how long stay? Please write to us. 

We are constantly working to make your holiday very special, and we try to arrange the trips according to your wishes. We will be glad to make your wishes and most of your dreams come true

Welcome to us!




Vandring på Varangerhalvøya 2024

Bli med på 6 dagers vandring på Varangerhalvøya, vandring i krigsminner og dramatiske historier om krigsheltene i Arktis. Du får 6 dager i natur du ikke finner andre steder. Du får lokal mat og møte med mennesker langs vår værharde kyst.

Turer 18. august og 15. september fra Oslo og Bergen. Eller du kan bli med fra hvor du vil.

Varanger Peninsula


Varangerhalvøya is the largest peninsula i Norway. The landscape here is old an was mostly shaped before the last Ice Age. During the Ice Age, the ice lay stationary over much of the peninsula and therefore had little effect on the landscape.


The National Park is ideal for skiing, hiking and cycling, and the terrain is friendly over large areas, particulary south of Skipskjølen. Distance are nevertheless great and rivers may be difficult to cross. There are noe marked paths, but thematic maps and GPS files suggest some routes.

Several unlocked huts can be found, mostly far inside the park, and they offer convenient accommondation on trips lasting several days. Even though the highest peak on Skipskjølen is only 633 m.o.h.


The weather may shift rapidly on this high ground, even in midsummer.


The park offers good small-game hunting, and licences may be purchased at

Salmon, sea char and sea trout can be fished in several rivers. The best-known are Veste Jakobselv, Skallelv, Bergebyelv og Komagelv. And north-east; Sandefjordelv. (Tekst: Varanger Museum)


Since species from the Arctic, eastern Siberian and more southerly areas all occur together on the Varanger Peninsula, the plant life is distinctive.

And there is a rich areas for birdwatchers. Hornøya outside Vardø is special. You will walk very close to the birds. A frenchman called the bird island:

"A fantasy place".

There is a lot of places you can watch: Old sami ritual places. You can walk on the path telling the story of the sami people lived nearby Nesseby. There is also a sami museum in Varangerbotn.

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