5 days tour with Cape East Arctic Adventure (an example)

This is an example on a 5 days tours with Cape East Arctic Adventure:

Day 1:

Get known in Kiberg village, hiking around, see the port of Kiberg. Hiking at Kibergneset, Cape East, watching Fort Kiberg built by the German during the second would war. Visiting the Partisan-museum in Kiberg.

You will be told the history of Kiberg and Vardø, and the house you live in. 

If the weather is good; maybe nightfishing in the sea or the lake nearby.

Day 2:

Fishing in the lake, Syltevikvannet. Half an hour driving and 20 minutes hiking. Visiting the old fishervillage, Hamningberg. On the way back you can jump in the Barents sea, bathing, if you like. 

Day 3:

Seafishing from the morning. King Crab catch.

Preparing the fish/king Crab and make together a delicious supper of today's fishing catch.

Day 4: Birdwatching at Hornøya, 3-5 hours. Lunch in Vardø. Visiting the witch-memorial and the Pomor-museum in Vardø.

Day 5:

Everything you wish. Please ask.

For example: Visiting the sami-museum, indoor and outdoor, in Varangerbotn one hour with car from Kiberg.

Please ask for price.

We make an offer according to your special wishes.